Tepid Lapid l The Filmi Hara-kiri

By: Ujaali Tyagi
Nadav Lapid became sort of a name in the Indian cinematic marquee, all thanks to his shaming The Kashmir Files.
A democracy gives right to everyone to share an opinion, just like the Israeli envoy shared his opinion by slammming Lapid.
Though, it seems Lapid made a statement devoid of any logics just to fuel his political agenda, which he has been doing consistently by shaming his home country, Israel, in the past.
A few Q's he ought to answer for his utterly disgraceful comment will set the record straight once and for all.
  1. Were there calls for Kashmiri Hindus to flee the valley on 19th January, 1990
  2. Were there calls from mosques for all muslims to carry out the massacre
  3. Were there more than 25,000 muslims on the street on the night of 19th January 1990, to drive out, loot and murder Hindus 
  4. Were Hindus marked and killed by terrorists to instill fear and force them to leave the valley
  5. Were the Hindu girls and ladies systematically targeted, raped and subjected to inhuman torture before being killed
How would Lapid know, he was all of a 15 year old teenager then!
Now, since he would not be aware, the answer to above questions is 'yes'.
So he ought not to make any comment about it. A feeble apology won't work. He has to be brought to book together with the other members of jury that knowingly or unknowingly supported him. It is high time the IFFI team get its act together and invite filmmakers that are unbiased and free from any political agenda. It is the tax-payers money that pays for their flights, hotel, wine and cheese, food and laundry included and we definitely don't need such nincompoops on Indian soil.