Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan l View, not just Review

By: Amit Kumar Agarwal
Bollywood is an unabashed industry and Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan bears an ironical testimony to it.
In one scene we have Bhagyashree, Himalaya and Abhimanyu Dassani, team up and pep Salman together with a montage from Maine Pyaar Kiya, reminding us the film came in 1989. Ironically, the female lead Pooja Hegde wasn't even born then! Himalaya, himself a hero (he did 6-films with Bhagyashree as lead) has now his son donning the mantle, but Salman is still up there for how long - well, till the Tiger franchise is there, because the film-industry has only one Golden-Rule
'अगर हिट हो तो फिट हो' 
If you are giving hits, you are a good fit 
It's another matter though that Salman hasn't given a hit for quite sometime, one hit gives a fresh lease of 5-years! So will Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan, be a hit! First of all, Kabhi Eid , Kabhi Diwali was a far better title than KKBKKJ.
Having said that the first 20-minutes of the film are good, but as soon as Bhagyshree cameo ends and the new Bhagya (Pooja Hegde) comes in - film falters. A reason is there is no chemistry between the characters of Salman and Pooja's and it is not because of the age, it is badly written romantic track that pulls the film down.
And this is precisely the fault with the entire film, bad writing - a story that could have been full of emotions is rendered lifeless because of superficial emotions.
Palak Tiwari, trying to break in Hindi Films as a lead, has to steer clear of such roles. These are not going to benefit her in any way, except probably become lead in a Salman movie like Daisy Shah. But where is Daisy today after playing lead in two Salman movies? 
If you are a Salman fan you will like the film, but if you are not this film will torture you to core!
The film might work at single-screens but beyond that this bhai will find the film running out of jaan.