Adipurush l More Than Just A Review

Sonay ki Lanka to Koyle ki Lanka lagti hai ~ City of gold looks like city of coal, this one statement sums up Om Raut's, 'Adipurush'.
If a director with multi-million dollar budget can't even adapt an epic that has all the human emotions; he has no right to direct films any further. Om Raut should stop making films henceforth.
Adipurush is the retelling of 'Ramayan'. How God Shri Ram prevailed with good over evil. At the onset you feel, no filmmaker can ever go wrong with such a huge heritage that is aided by credible sources; but then when you ignore the very strong references that are the foundation of strong human-bonds, you know you will not get it right.
The major problem in this retelling, 'Adipurush' is, it lacks emotions. Where is the scene where Ram ji asks Lakshman, are these the ornaments Sita ji wore and Lakshman says I only looked at her feet. Or the reverence of Hanuman ji for God Ram, there is not even one single scene that establishes the bond.
There are so many such references in Ramayan that are so rich in emotions, but the director in his quest for a grandiose vision overlooks the emotions completely.
The vision is grand no doubt, but why model it on The Lord of The Rings, Game of Thrones and 300 - why not give it a much Indian look - say Baahubali or Bajirao Mastaani. Om had a ready reference too, Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan - that just three years back during the pandemic - became world's most watched TV Show - in a repeat run!
It is plain laziness on the part of director and writers to come up with such a bad screenplay and equally bad dialogues - mazdoor is not a Hindi word, the correct word is shramik. Manoj did a great job in Baahubali, but here he falters. Forget the words, the language used is that of street-taporis in Mumbai. Why?
When the foundation is bad, actors can hardly do anything.
The only silver-lining is Nitesh Tiwari is making Ramayan with Ranbir Kapoor and hopefully he will learn a good lesson from this debacle.
Till then, watch Ramayan by Ramanand Sagar - you will be much more happier.