72 Hoorain l Not Just A Review

By: Amit KumaR Agarwal
'72 Hoorain' is a very important film, not because of some cinematic genius, but simply because it is a tight and resounding slap across the face of all those that called 'The Kashmir Files' and 'The Kerala Story' propaganda films. A video on why TKF or TKS are not propaganda films and quite ironically, it is the people that are calling them 'propaganda films' are running their own agenda and propaganda will follow soon.
72 Hoorain has a very topical premise, with a great idea, but the narrative lacks the punch a film of such importance ought to have; when the entire world including muslim dominated nations, is reeling under islamic extremism.
The story is about two suicide bombers carrying out a dastardly suicide-bombing waiting for the bahattar hoorain (72 virgins) hence the title. The film borders on black-comedy with a very farcical-arthouse feel (almost entire film is in monochrome), many in the audiences won't get the humor. Even those that will get it, after a point will get bored with the long dialogue exchange between the lead characters.
Here is where the writers could've infused creativity. Instead of the lead characters talking about being conned by the maulana, slain terrorists like Ajmal Kasab, Osama or Burhan Wani would've more effectively conveyed the message.
The realization of the character of Haakim in the end that terrorism was just a business for Maulana is too feeble to connect with the audiences.

In the end, what could've been a very hard-hitting film is reduced to a lame effort; still the subject is so topical that it can be and must be explored again with a better writing and sensitivity.

Since the film fails to connect, the business of the film will be very dull.