Salaar Teaser l The film is everything a commercial film ought to be

By: Amit KumaR Agarwal
The biggest myth of the film industry is 'good film' or 'bad film' - who will define it and what is the criteria?
The fact is there are only two kind of films 'films that make money' and 'films that don't make money'. All studios strive to make films that make money - ask the Marvel bosses.
Much hullabaloo over Hindi Film Industry losing money - fact is the films made here have lost the emotional cord - get the cord and the look right and you will get a money-making film, Pathaan, earlier in the year got it right.
The latest pan-Indian film Salaar's teaser unveiled recently and the teaser is proof enough of a hurricane at the BO on September 28.
The teaser has the right mix of look, heroics and the build-up to a film that is a sure-shot box-office spectacle. Only thing, Producers must get Sharad Kelkar to dub for Prabhas for the Hindi version. Audiences identify Sharad's voice as Prabhas'.
Have a look at the teaser and wait for the trailer.