Animal l Not Just A Review

By: Amit kumaR Agarwal
Recipe to make chicken soup is the same, it is the presentation that makes the difference.
The latest Hindi film, Animal, is a striking testimony to this fact.
Animal has a done to death story-line. 
Two brothers fall out, the progeny of one brother wants to kill their paternal uncle, but their cousin stands between their mission.
This hackneyed story-line is made into a 'cult' film for generations to remember, thanks to a very imaginative screenplay that is turned into an equally novel narrative.
The beauty of the screenplay is such that the audiences forget that the law and the police are both missing in the film!
Another thing that audiences forget is the 3 hours and 23 minutes long runtime, such is the grip of the movie! 
Sandeep Reddy Vanga, the director had said on record before making Animal that he will tell the audiences what violence is.
Did the reviewer found the violence unsettling. Not really, having been exposed to European-Arthouse, which is much more violent and explicit.
Though, Indian audiences not exposed to world cinema might find the film violent.   

Ranbir is out of this world, the way audiences root for him shows the conviction with which he has played the role of Rannvijay Singh. Rashmika nails the role of Geetanjali. Bobby Deol is menacing as Abrar. Anil Kapoor leaves a mark as an unintentionally-abusive father. Everyone else in the cast is good. A special mention ought to be made of Tripti Dimri, her portrayal of Zoya is uninhibited packing in all the emotions and oozing oomph, given the right roles, the next superstar!
Technically the film is very polished. While everyone has done a great job, one person that stands out is Harshavardhan Rameshwar the man behind the BGM. If Barfi, Baahubali The Beginning  and Befikre established the power of BGM, here it is reiterated and how! Each strain greatly heightens the impact of a scene.
Animal is a masterclass in cinema and must for all that love to see cinema in cinema!