Earth Day in NYC, Talent Ka Maha Utsav supports Manhattan Goes Green

By: Aanya

Earth Day 2024 was celebrated with a very important event right in the heart of New York City — Mahattan Goes Green. Organized by Paul Sladkus’ non-profit, Good News Corporation, the event was supported by Mark Levine, President, Manhattan borough and many other distinguished personalities.

Emmy nominated producer, Tirlok Malik said that the importance of going green is the need of the hour, with global warming really destroying the eco-system of the earth. He said that today humans use gadgets even to monitor the steps they have taken in a day, why do we need gadgets all the time, he questioned.

The high-profile event was attended by politicians, peace-activists, climate-activists, musicians, artists, business-persons, various foundations, publishers and media. Open to all, to create an awareness, many tourists visiting one of the most iconic tourist spots in the world, Times Square, paused and listened to the speakers. They also talked to the media, about the importance of going green and saving the earth.

Rekha Vohraa of Rekha Vohraa foundation told the writer that it is very important to go green, not only for the benefit of humans, but for the benefit of animals as well. She said that humans can complain and protest about going green, but what about animals, they silently suffer, all because of the digital-savviness of humans.

Amit Gupta of Gem Mines added that he makes sure that at his workplace, the entire staff is aware and takes care about going green. He said that he undertakes platation drives across India from time to time. “It is my small way of going green and making planet earth live-able.”

Amit R Agarwal, founder of Talent Ka Maha Utsav and #BNHAF Awards and Festival, conducting the 18th edition talked to media. He said that he is doing his bit for the earth by creating films to raise awareness around going green. He said he is using kids, the future generation intentionally in the films, so that they are aware about the issues that will be of concern to them with a much greater magnitude.

Icons like, Academy Award winner Leonardo DiCaprio, Grammy Awards winner Stevie Wonder shared virtual messages highlighting the importance of going green and saving the earth before it is too late.

The event saw performances by various established and upcoming musicians like A Y Young, Christi Marie, Jilliyeah and many more, all rooted with the very important message of going green and bring about the change in people to save the earth.