Cannes Film Festival Opening Report - 77th Edition Set To See A Wet Opening Night

By: Amit kumaR Agarwal

Is it going to be a 'wet' Opening Night for 77th Cannes Film Festival. We will conclude with it after a quick run-through of what makes Cannes Film Festival - the - Cannes Film Festival for the unversed.

Cannes has slowly but surely metamorphosed into a very commercial affair. Over the years industry veterans have spoken how the entire hullabaloo at Cannes has now shifted to walking the Red Carpet and getting clicked.

No wonder, people with little or no knowledge of cinema frequent the festival, just to get clicked!

With 35,000+ attendees set to attend Cannes Film Festival in 2024, the attendance is swelling with each passing year, only about 10% of these return each year. What is it that gets people from across the continents visit Cannes. There is no such hullabaloo about the other top 10 festivals, Berlin, Toronto, Locarno, Venice, Sundance, London, what have you?

It is the very carefully created media-image that if you are not at Cannes Film Festival walking the Red Carpet, you are missing something in your repertoire as a film-maker or as an actor.

Actresses and model in particular make it a point to walk the Red Carpet, because it gives them the right visibility.
Preparations underway to ready the Red Carpet as security provide cover

Cannes Film Festival's 77th Edition is no different, with many actresses and models already queuing up in their finest attire as the Red Carpet got ready for the evening to host the Opening Night.

The writer found people queuing up outside and talking in hushed tones in evening we have to be here and even planning the spots and angles they want to be photographed from.

The famed Cannes 'Red Carpet' on the morning of the Opening Night - May 14, 2024

However, today it seems will be that rare 'wet' Opening Night for Cannes, as the drizzle is yet to mellow down. The forecast as I write this piece says 'mild rain'. Let's see, if anything changes; but one thing that won't ever change is the hullabaloo around Cannes. 
Is it right or wrong, you are the judge!