Ye stupid pyar

by: Shilpa Kumar

They say making films is really tough. More so, if the team, film-maker, actor and other crew don’t have a filmi connections; actor Jatin Khurana and film-maker Rakesh Jain (though from the film line but a debutant director) found it only recently when their film Ye Stupid Pyar opened this Friday.

A romantic-drama, though Ye Stupid Pyar has been liked by the audiences; critics have been very unkind to the movie, feels its lead actor, Jatin Khurana during intraction with the lead actor and director at a screening.

Echoing Jatin’s sentiments, Rakesh Jain lividly says, “A prominent critic tore my film apart. My simple question when I read hi s review was, has he even cared to see the film. There is a very prominent scene in the film that clearly shows that the father of the lead female character has locked away her passport and that is the reason she manipulates the hero to marry her. This very premise which forms the conflict in the movie has been negated by the said critic. I was always told that the said critic was biased, but I believe it only now, when my film became his ‘victim’. Is it possible for anyone to go out of country without a passport ? ( as her lover is settled in Bangkok and her father seizes her passport under his possession.

Jain’s angst is justified because he says everyone has benefitted from the film. The music director signed 2 more films after the music of this film became poular; the comic actor, Sahil Vaid bagged a role in a leading production house’s upcoming film and the second female lead Akansha, signed a Tamil film in lead role.

“If the film was as atrocious as the media has projected it, will these people benefit. Film-makers are very sharp” smiles Jain.

Undeterred by the bias shown by a section of media towards his labor of love, Jain says that he will continue making films because of the immense support within the film-industry. “People I hadn’t known sent me flowers, wishing me luck. It was very touching”, says Jain with a glint of emotion.

Jain particularly lauds the hardwork put in by the lead actor, Jatin Khurana and Noopur Patwardhan; “people who saw the film complemented me that the film is very well handled and performances of lead actors are worth mentioning and also for the music and lyrics of the film”

Jatin himself seemed to be a very soft-spoken but determined person. He seemed to be pretty composed and satisfied about his debut. “I got about a 500 emails on the day of the release of the film. In 3 days, I have received about 2000 emails; if this is what Ye Stupid Pyar has done for me; I will make many more Ye Stupid Pyar’s” winks Jatin as he sips on his fat-free shake.

A versatile actor, Jatin is going for a drastic image make-over with his next film, an actioner, “I am all excited to show my dum in my next film which is a hardcore masala actioner.”

popcorn media extends its best wishes to this talented actor-director duo, may this jodi’s success go beyond all barriers in terms of success.