Press Release

Nikhil Dwivedi gorged 75 bananas!
Nikhil Dwivedi, who plays a small town outlaw, literally had to pay a
price on the challenges of working in the realistic ‘rehearse and
shoot' mode in Tamanchey. And in a lighter vein, to have a strict
visual director, a first in Bollywood, truly didn’t help his cause
Recently Nikhil Dwivedi and the cast of Tamanchey were in the
picturesque town of Tehri Garhwal in Uttarakhand. And whilst shooting
in the local Kulna market near Tehri Lake, Nikhil had to flick some
bananas from the fruit vendor on the sly.
Now many are not aware that Nikhil in real life is quite smooth with
the sleight of hand tricks, and in true Rajnikant style, flicked the
bananas from his left hand behind to his right hand without looking
behind. True that was the easy bit for him since he was an expert on
that trick. But when he had to eat the bananas was the tricky bit.
At the end to maintain the authencity, Nikhil was literally force
feeding himself and felt as if he needed to throw up. He was stunned
when he was told by producer Suryaveer that he had gorged over 75
And this time the producer did not seemed to mind, since the crew had
a hearty laugh over it!!