Brangelina's car broken into

There is news floating on internet how very recently, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's vehicle was broken into while parked at a local paintball park. 
Reports say, Giovanni D'Egidio, co-owner of Hollywood Sports Paintball Park, confirmed that the couple's son, Maddox Jolie-Pitt arrived with some friends and a bodyguard a little after noon on July 20. About 30 minutes after they arrived, a suspicious white Toyota truck pulled up next to the black SUV of Brangelina. D'Egidio told, "Our security guys noticed and kept an eye on the vehicle," after the suspect parked his truck parallel and blocked the SUV.

Another witness also alerted the manager of what was going on and said that the suspect had something hanging out of his jacket. D'Egidio said that the Los Angeles Sherriff's department was called and arrived immediately. The suspect's vehicle was searched and they recovered two iPads and a cell phone. 

A spokesperson for the Bellflower Sherriff's Department reportedly confirmed the news that they arrested a Hispanic male, named Lorenzo Castro, for stealing two iPads and a cellphone from a black SUV that was parked at Hollywood Sports Paintball Park. 

Meanwhile, Maddox and his friends continued playing in the general population area and were completely unfazed by the incident.