PRESS RELEASE - Chelsea Film Festival announces its 1st edition

JULY 24, 2013

Chelsea, NY - The Chelsea Film Festival (CFF) announced today that in partnership with Pace University, it will hold its first edition in New York City from October 24th-27th, 2013 at the SVA Theater in Chelsea, as well as Pace University.The CFF was founded by Ingrid & Sonia Jean-Baptiste to give a voice to independent films and discover new talents.The Chelsea Film Festival will program films and documentaries from emerging filmmakers from around the world. Every edition of the CFF will represent a theme. The first edition of the 2013 Chelsea Film Festival will be focused on “Global Issues”, and will introduce 20 foreign films to the public, as Ingrid Jean-Baptiste, Founder of the CFF, stated:“Making the World a Better Place”

The primary mission of the Chelsea Film Festival is to support upcoming directors and show their work to the public. It will also focus on bringing the international film community and the audience together around a specific topic.

For more information, visit Chelsea Film Festival 

Our Mission: 
Chelsea film Festival is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit cultural organization. CFF is an international film festival, enlightening the work of emerging filmmakers, producers and actors. It offers a wide range of films, such as  shorts, documentaries and feature-lengths. It empowers the work of risk-taking storytellers and remains committed to its mission to discover and develop independent artists and audiences around the world.