Gossip: Is the villain in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Black Cat?

The Amazing Spider-Man 2, is in news again and this time the buzz is that one of its stars might have let the cat out of the bag! Reportedly, Felicity Jones admitted that she plays "the Goblin's girlfriend. She says she is in a relationship with him, and is his accomplice; on the dark side.

If by "the Goblin" she means is "the Green Goblin" that likely makes her character Lily Hollister, Harry Osborn's girlfriend who comes in contact with the Goblin serum that turns Harry's father into the original Green Goblin and becomes a vamp of her own called Menace. Reportedly, Dane DeHaan is set to play Harry in the film, and with Chris Cooper on board as Norman Osborn, there isn't much reason to believe that Harry himself would transform into the Green Goblin! Some recent rumors even suggested that Norman Osborn himself wouldn't make the transformation into the Green Goblin in the new film. With Jamie Foxx as Electro and Paul Giamatti as The Rhino, there are more than enough villains for Spidey to face without the Osborns coming in to muck things up. 

The most common rumors about Jones's character suggested she would play Black Cat, another vamp character, but one who also wouldn't likely have much time to develop in the already-crowded cast of The Amazing Spider-Man 2!