Student Articles - Child Labor

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By: Honey Sehgal (Student, ASMS, Marwah Studios, Noida)

What is Child Labor?
Child Labor is a term used for laborers who are not yet adults and are below the age of 18; it is unfortunately most prevalent in third world countries.
India has the largest number of child labor in the world. Reportedly, as per the census figures of 1991 India has 11.29 million of child laborers that constitute 2% of the total population of the country. Most of the child labor is engaged in agriculture, livestock, foresting, fisheries and tea stall specially. 

In the urban areas, children work in dhabas as helpers or cleaners on trucks and other heavy vehicles. A lot many children also work as domestic help. In many instances, they have long working hours and bad working conditions.  

Children born in poor families are forced to work not only for their own survival but also for their own family. Government should ideally make strict laws to prevent children from being engaged as child labor and give both education & incentives to their poor parents, if the parents encourage their children to go to schools, instead of working as child labor.