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The Objective of www.bol-news.com is News for the people, by the people & of the people. With the advent of internet, news-portals have made the most traditional form of news, "Newspapers" almost redundant worldwide. Today more and more people are reading news, seeking information on smart-phones, tablets or electronic gadgets.

www.bol-news.com was started with the idea to distribute and make the news available to readers and audiences worldwide 24 x 7. www.bol-news.com is the most widely read news-portal from Delhi-NCR worldwide.

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Amit Kumar Agarwal is a senior journalist and the executive editor of www.bol-news.com

He writes for print & online. His articles, views, interviews have been published in newspapers and news-portals like BBC, The Times Of India, The Hindustan Times, The Statesman, Sun Magazine, Hint Weekly, Ontrack Suburbs, Merinews.Com & other media worldwide.

He is a regular panelist on National News Channels like Times Now, Sahara Samay, Bharat 24 on debates and talks on cultural heritage, cinema and global issues.

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