Radhika Apte and Adil talk about their nude scene in Parched

By: Amit Agarwal

Radhika Apte is one of the few Indian actresses that don't shy away from going nude on-camera. Though, the list of Indian actresses going nude, goes long back in history, with the most-famous and discussed being Simi Grewal in 70's. Why going nude, even swimsuit is a big issue, in spite of the fact that the first swimsuit on Indian-screen was worn by Zubeidaa in 1930's almost a century-back! Yet, the hullabaloo surrounding sex and nudity in Indian cinema, still, is a hotly debated topic.

Recently, Radhika's co-actor, Adil opened up about their much publicized nude scene in Parched, jointly produced by bollywood superstar Ajay Devgn that premiered at Toronto Film Festival in 2015.

During an interaction with an entertainment portal, reportedly Adil said that Radhika is committed to art and people should understand that for people like them, what matters is art and not what people say or will say. Adil further revealed that his wife did not have any issues with the scene either as she respects his profession as an actor. While sharing details about their intimate scene he added that he has no issues with such scenes as long as they have not been done to tickle one's lower senses and they are meant to portray the complexities of human life. Adil further added when he asked Radhika, if her boyfriend will be fine; Radhika replied she was already married!

Radhika in a previous interview had told another magazine that the film came to her when she "needed" it. The actress said that at the time, she was struggling with her body image issues and "having to be nude on screen was a little intimidating". She further added that now she felt confident and can bare it all anywhere. She is proud of her body shape and size. She reportedly said that the only thing that she doesn't like about the scenes is the way they are referred to by most Indians. Indian media, in particular, refer them as bold scenes. Often I want to ask, what is a bold scene, do you even have an understanding of cinema? The common take worldwide is, intimate scenes are as much part of the script and the narrative as other scenes are, so why call them bold scenes.

Experts have already said earlier that the Indian media still needs a lot of understanding while reporting on intimate scenes and understand the craft of cinema before commenting or writing.