Box Office l Just what made The Kashmir Files tick

The entire film industry is baffled by the unprecedented success of The Kashmir Files - just what made the film tick. People with a different ideology accuse the film to be a propaganda film. History has it propaganda films are never hits - there have been very many films like Haider, they were flops (though few media still maintains it to be a hit or a success in varying degrees, but the industry knows). Another film was made by Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Shikara, which found no takers.
Even, The Kashmir Files started very slow, 3.25 crores was the opening day; so from there when it gives a second Friday of 19..50 crores only behind Baahubali The Conclusion, it is indeed baffling. Baffling because Baahubali The Conclusion did 20 crores without any competition and here the competition was huge with Bachchhan Pandey!
On deeper analysis, the writer found that any film becomes a blockbuster, only when the emotions connect, here the emotions of the masses have connected and how! A reason could be the fact that a wrong narrative was painted by the media worldwide about the Kashmiri Genocide. 
There was no reporting of the mass-murders, mass rapes, brutal killings, because the media in Jammu & Kashmir feared for their lives. The film has started a debate as well, about the leadership responsible. In his book, My Frozen Turbulence in Kashmir, late Jagmohan clearly mentions that on April 8, 1989 he wrote a letter to then prime minister, Rajiv Gandhi, that situation is very bad in Kashmir valley, still, we can control it today; tomorrow will be late and it will only get out of hand thereafter. Why the Rajiv Gandhi government didn't take any action till he was the prime minister, December 2, 1989 in spite of such an alarming letter?
The Kashmiri Pandit genocide started on January 19, 1990 - a month after Rajiv Gandhi's resignation, ironically Farooq Abdullah resigned on January 18, 1990 - the genocide started on 19 January, 1990. The events in itself smell of a well-designed conspiracy. Though, since official records were botched up, media reporting partisan, as journalists feared for their life - the world is largely ignorant about the Kashmiri Genocide.

These are the very emotions that have connected worldwide largely, that have made The Kashmir Files a blockbuster.