Top Gun: Maverick fails to live up to the hype in India

By: Amit KumaR Agarwal

Top Gun: Maverick is a keenly awaited sequel in the US, because the first film in the franchise, Top Gun (1986) made a gifted actor, Tom Cruise, into a viable box-office superstar, Tom Cruise. While the trade is bullish that the film will be a blockbuster just like the original film, there are naysayers that question the very need of the film after 36 years!
Whatever the fate of the film is in the US, in India the film matched the fate of it's original, flop. Top Gun, after becoming the biggest blockbuster in the US in 1986, released in India in 1987 and was a flop. The entire business of Hollywood films has changed since then, with Avengers, Fast & Furious, Mission Impossible and the MCU franchise, particularly, doing blockbuster business; however, for many Hollywood hits the going is tough. Tom Cruise films haven't really worked at the Indian box-office other than Mission Impossible franchise.
Top Gun: Maverick had it coming, with reports of morning-shows cancelled at few properties because of no-audiences (just like the Hindi release, Anek) it will need a miracle for the film to emerge victorious at the Indian box-office.
From the looks of it, however, this is one battle that Top Gun: Maverick, won't top.