IFFI 2022 l Film Bazaar Co-Production Market Report

By: Amit KumaR Agarwal
India’s "Film Bazaar", South Asia’s largest film market, has selected a range of projects from around the world for its annual co-production market. 
The 20 selected projects are from 11 countries, and most are already structured as co-productions, a common thread between them is, they are all South Asian-themed. www.bol-news.com gives details of a few selected projects whose reps spoke at length with the news-portal.
Michael Radford's "The Princess of Kapurthala"

Michael Radford, best known for BAFTA and Oscar-winning film “Il Postino,” has Spanish-language Spain-India project “The Princess of Kapurthala,” which he will co-direct with Manuel Estudillo (“Caso Urquijo”).
Gogularaajan Rajendran’s Tamil and Malay-language project “Depth of Darkness” is being produced by Malaysia’s Fourth Frame Studios. 
Machindra Yongya’s Nepali-language “Changing Sky” is being produced by Underground Talkies Nepal.

Sohil Vaidya’s Marathi-language film “Premordial” is produced by Bijon Imtiaz and Arifur Rahman’s Bangladesh-U.S. outfit Goopy Bagha Production (“Kingdom of Clay Subjects”).

Kaushik Ray’s English, Bengali and French-language film “A Life A Rose” is an India, France, U.K., Germany co-production produced by Jean-Baptiste Babin of BackUp Media and Pooja Chauhan of Taran Tantra Telefilms.

Bhaskar Hazarika, whose “Aamis” premiered at Tribeca in 2019, is back with Hindi-language project “Insectum,” produced by Shyam Bora for Metanormal Motion Pictures.

Michael Graf of Makadam Films, who was formerly with sales agent Bankside, is producing Shalini Adnani’s Hindi and English-language film “Kollam,” an India, U.K. co-production.

Another India, U.K. co-production, Sridhar Rangayan’s Hindi, Tamil and English-language “Dreams Such as Ours,” is produced by Solaris Pictures and TNV Films, while another project between the two countries, English-language “Punishment,” from Isher Sahota and Jon Tarcy.

Savita Singh’s “A Ballad of the Circus”, an India-Japan Hindi-language project, is produced by Kyoko Dan.

Otther projects include, actress Anjali Patil's, Hindi, French and Marathi-language directorial project “Touch Me Not”. Judhajit Bagchi and Ranadeep Bhattacharyya have Hindi, Bengali and English-language film “The Nor’Westers”; and Alok Rajwade has Marathi, Hindi and Gondi-language “Three Bikes Four Days.”