IFFI 2022 l Film Bazaar Film Showcase - Dear Satyajit

By: Amit KumaR Agarwal
Film-maker, Proshoon Rahman, ready with his new film Dear Satyajit couldn't attend Film Bazaar. He feels this was a mistake as he couldn't network with buyers and sales-agents. Anyhow, he talked about his new film Dear Satyajit that was available in the Viewing Room.
He said that as the name suggests Dear Satyajit is his ode to the legendary, Satyajit Ray.
Film Synopsis: Dear Satyajit
Legendary Filmmaker Satyajit Ray remains a leading idol for more than 50-years for all those filmmakers in the subcontinent who believed in realist Cinema or reality in Art. 'Dear Satyajit’ is set in present times and tells the story of a filmmaker in his 60’s and his dilemmas. The narrative depicts how his life changes gradually through the course of Ray's movies and his journey itself. He narrates on camera to a young Documentary Filmmaker in a journey made to the Ray’s ancestral home in Kishorganj, Bangladesh. 'Dear Satyajit’ takes effort to tell the unfulfilled dream of a Bengali Filmmaker who constantly tried to reach artistic quality and standard of his idol, which is eventually by making tribute to the Master Filmmaker Satyajit Ray commemorating his Birth Centenary celebration.