Kangna wants to get 'normal'

Reportedly, Kangna Ranaut is miffed that her one time mentor Anurag Basu wants to cast her in roles that have a psychotic edge to them. It might be recalled that Anurag cast Kangna in Gangster after he spotted her in a coffee shop. Prior to that Kangna was supposed to be launched in I Love You Boss (see picture) but the film never happened. The industry sources claim that the mentor-protégé had a fall-out when Kangna saw Kites. Kangna reportedly couldn’t believe that she was relegated to a role that made her look like a mere glorified extra. To add insult to injury Anurag approached Kangna yet again to play a psychotic girl in his forthcoming Ranbir Kapoor starrer Silence. A source adds that Kangna is at the point trying to get out of her psycho-girl image. She wants to play varied roles and has many films coming up. However, insiders feel that so far Kangna has only justified roles with psychotic tone; her dialogue delivery is horrible in the promos of Knock Out and her performance in Shakalaka Boom Boom, the only role where she played a normal girl was panned by critics.